For the Body, Mind & Spirit

A unique vacation experience,
offering relaxation balanced with
learning experiences in the Rocky Mountains.
Catering to solo travelers or small groups.
Many women-only workshops.

Choose from a variety of quality,
themed workshops or retreats
in the spectacular Rocky Mountains of Colorado,
facilitated by friendly, knowledgeable staff
or guides at reasonable prices.
We personalize your experience!
Emphasis is on a holistic attitude
in a natural settings.

Bird's eye view of our local Rocky Mts:

Bird's Eye View of Rocky Mt.

Enjoy 320 days of sunshine in the Rocky Mt. area; relax in the silence of the woods and mountains; wade in crystal clear streams that run off the mountains; hike up trails that lead you to breathtaking vistas; walk among the towering Ponderosa pines; and, enjoy opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Top that off with learning skills and more about yourself.

Began Retreats 1998


  • Bringing Spring Time into Your Life Year Round:
    We offer two or three speciality Week-Long Guided Tours each year; samples:
    (1) SW Architecture (Arizona) and (2) Southern Plantations (Louisiana)

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    Bi-Monthly updates, including useful anecdotes, tips, stories, reviews,
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    talk about itRecent articles include:
    The Zen of Eating
    Women's Letters of Remembrance
    Music with your Meditation or not?
    Turning Points in Life

    talk about itFor a sample view of the newsletter, go to "Sample"

    "Thank you for your newsletters which are always chock full of
    good information and useful resources." Nancy Arthur

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