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Previously Recommended Books
Finding Your Mission in Life


"THE QUANTUM DOCTOR: A PHYSICISTS GUIDE TO HEALTH AND HEALING" by Amit Goswami (Hampton Roads,2004, 297 pages, softcover, $15.95, 1-57174-417-7): a fresh perspective on bodily health viewed through the lens of advanced quantum mechanics.

"I Gotta Crow; Women, Voice and Writing" by Jill Hackett An insightful and inspiring collection of interviews with ten women authors. Investigate your "voice" – how to find it, how to refine it, how to liberate it. $16.95

"Marry Your Muse" Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity, by Jan Phillips. Lessons to empower you to be more confident and productive The exercises involve all forms of art, plus journaling. $18.00

"The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle" by Dr. Michael Abrams. Looking for a miracle? This meticulously re-translation of the Bible's Loaves and Fish miracle makes an astonishing discovery of the complex subtleties, below the surface, found in the original Greek, giving a carefully hidden layer of information. Easy to read, and a great conversation and meditation starter. email: (Boulder, Colorado author)

"Practicing the Presence of Goddess: Everyday Rituals to Transform Your World" by Barbara Ardinger, PhD; New World Library $16.00 discount: $12.66. See also "Goddess Meditations" $14.00.

"Hunts in Dreams" by Tom Drury ($22.00) Houghton Mifflin. One passage probably sums up the plight of all the characters in the book; perhaps it sums up every reader's plight as well: 'People fear the big downfall,' said Mona. 'Because they're afraid they won't be able to get up again. Because they don't think they deserve to get up again.."

"Altars: Bringing Sacred Shrines into your Everyday Life." by Denise Linn, Colorado author. ($24.95)
Ms. Linn has several books, including Feng Shei, Vision Quests, Past Lives, Dreams. See also: Sacred Legacies: Healing Your Past and Creating a Positive Future. discount: $17.85

"The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World" Its mission is to help women experience their inner strength, self-knowledge and grace. Its vision is to participate in the transformation of the power structure of the world. Its message is that the empowerment of women is necessary, inevitable and exciting ...contains a series of essays in verse format...including yoga exercises and meditations. Go to: book page to read more and/or to order.

"The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook" by Martha Davis., E R Eshelman and M McKay ($14.95)

Judith Gibson - Back to Nature
Back to Nature
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Watch for our book on Accomplishing Your Mission; coming soon... based on our ten years of workshops!
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newbook cover
Our compilation book of our finest writing tips and exercises, and samples of works published on our web site over the past three years. Clear, exciting, simple and fun! Visit "WRITERS: Birthing Creative Writing and Capturing Random Memories" for more details on this anthology.


Book Stores located in Colorado

book coverColorado Historic Museum The best source for Western books is the Historical Museum in downtown Denver. From women in the West, Native American stories and heritage, trains, hiking, mountain climbing, and countless more. You can find them on the web; or, sign up for their newsletter by becoming a Historical Society member=families are $60; individuals are $50. They also have monthly lunch talks ($6), and author evening lectures, plus trips around the state investigating local historical sites, particularly those that have been restored through their grants. 303-866-3678 1300 Broadway, Denver 80203

Weber's Books and Drawings 100 S. Main, Breckenridge, CO: Just packed with Colorado and Western History books and accessories (maps, calendars, etc); open 7 days, since 1985. 970-453-4723

Book Mine Claims to be the largest Colorado history and guides store. This is where the wealthiest mines in the country were, so it has plenty of mining and railroad books. 502 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO 719-486-2866

Winds of Change Books and Gifts This store had a majority of spiritual, self-help books and related gifts when I visited it; but it seems to have shifted its stock, and the owner tells me that now they are a "general interest store with specific offerings in personal growth and healing." 60 W. Main St., Beaver Plaza, Frisco, CO (near Breckenridge) 970-668-5399

MacDonald's Book Store is a general independent bookstore, and carries a large women's Western history section, and many books on Native American art and culture, plus stories about individual people who populated the West. They also have a good self-help section, including the newest books in health education. On Elkhorn, the main street in town, P O Box 900, Estes Park. 80517 970-586-3450

Please help support the small, independent book store. Most of the above stores participate in promotions by Book Sense, a company that promotes small independent book presses. They also offer books beyond what I describe above, but I have selected the area of interest to people who are familiar with Spring Time Writers' workshops (western material, women-related, and self-help)

If you're interested in small town Colorado life, stories of its pioneers, or life in the sandstone quarries of Colorado, or similar Geology (Front Range), check out the video documentaries of the Lyons area.

Books for Spiritual Guidance (love and peace):

click here for full details find peace

Prophets of Love and Peace:

Lazaris: He has touched thousands in his extraordinary workshops, and tens of thousands more with the books, video tapes and audio tapes that many have said are the finest tools of metaphysics and spirituality available.

Maitreya:when you experience the Self within and come to know you are an immortal entity, completely separate from mind, spirit and body, you learn to use these temples of the Lord creatively, with awareness.

Sanaya Roman (DaBen and Orin) To our readers: The books we publish are our contribution to an emerging world based on cooperation rather than on competition, on affirmation of the human spirit rather than on self-doubt, and on the certainty that all humanity is connected. Our goal is to touch as many lives as possible with a message of hope for a better world.


leather journal

Handmade Leather Journaling Books. Description: Leather journal, photo album, leather portfolio, writing journal these are just a few of the amazing products that we offer to our customers from around the world. We also offer sketchbooks, fishing journals, custom wedding albums, day planners, wallets and much more. On top of that, if you don't see it, chances are we can create it...just ask. When you purchase a leather journal, photo album, leather portfolio or writing journal from us the first thing you will notice is that we use 100% cotton rag and acid free papers. The sheets are all hand torn to give them a rough edge. Everything is hand stitched using 5-ply waxed linen thread and up to 8 needles. The stitching on our books is functional, decorative and unique to our products. It is also the reason they lay completely flat when open. === Journals & Sketchbooks ==Travel/Writing Journals== Medieval Journals Photo Journals== Refillable Journals== Fishing Journals== Music Journals== Wine Taster's Journals== Recipe Books== Sketchbooks== Antique== Photo Albums.

"Bookstore Tourism:

The Book Addict's Guide to Planning & Promoting Bookstore Road Trips for Bibliophiles & Other Bookshop Junkies" By Larry Portzline
What is Bookstore Tourism?Bookstore Tourism is an innovative grassroots effort to promote and support independent bookstores by marketing them as a tourist destination and creating a new travel niche for booklovers.

The primary goal of this groundbreaking effort is to encourage booklovers around the country to organize day-trips and other kinds of literary outings to cities and towns with interesting, fun and unique bookstores that people in their own communities may not be able to visit regularly.
Ordering Information: ISBN 0-9758934-0-8 = Retail $10 = Distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor (55% wholesale discount) = (717) 541-0710 =

Bylines (Annual bookstyle Calendar)

Meet a writer every week and read their insightful, inspiring, funny comments about the writing life. The 53 contributors come from across the U.S. and write for nearly every genre and medium. This weekly desk calendar has commentary, profiles and photos of writers. Spiral bound, 6x9 inches, with ample weekly planning space, current and next month at a glance and writers resources. $13.95
Featured Writer: Robert Painter, "I claim to write about travel,
but I really write about people."

Business Leaders can and should use storytelling

"The Leader's Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative" Click here for Chapter 1
Steve Denning, organizational storyteller extraordinaire, is the author of several books on organizational storytelling, including "The Leader's Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative" was published by Jossey-Bass in April 2005. Steve's article, "Telling Tales" was published by Harvard Business Review in May 2004. Steve held various management positions in the World Bank, including Director of the Southern Africa Department from 1990 to 1994 and Director of the Africa Region from 1994 to 1996. From 1996 to 2000, Steve was the Program Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank. He now works with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia on knowledge management and organizational storytelling. In November 2000, Steve was named as one of the world's ten Most Admired Knowledge Leaders (Teleos)

FILMMAKERS: Who has the right to borrow, copy, cut, reproduce and remix what, under which circumstances and according to whom?

The films underline the ways in which creativity is, and will continue to be hindered if the current, excessive intellectual property regime continues. The films are specifically concerned with the impact of copyright and intellectual property laws with respect to musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers, especially in regards to their ability to create in the digital age. Increasingly, with every copyright law reform, most recently the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998) the capabilities of digital technology are in direct conflict with current regulation. Stay tuned for more....

Independently Published Books: Want to support local independent book publishers? Give a "Gift Certificate" which can be used at any independent book store in the USA! Go to and see their wide selection of books.

Picture Book
Picture Book
Arian, Mark
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