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Understanding the Harmonic Concordance

beginning November 5, 2003

look to the sky

"Harmony in Your Heart"

Grand Sextile and lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003
By Kathleen Spring

On November 8th, a spiritual event took place that has and will continue to change the earth’s (and mankind’s) consciousness forever, ...whether you are aware of the occurrences, whether you participated in it, or whether you understand it or not. You’ve heard of dramatic changes in times and cycles, like the Dark Ages and the Age of Industrial Revolution. This is a move into fifth-dimensional consciousness, which means acknowledging our spiritual selves. It will be like taking a shower, putting on your best clothes and walking out the door (locking it behind you) and moving forward to become all that you (in your deepest soul) can be.

Technically, what happened was a Grand Sextile and lunar eclipse. Six planets, etc. aligned themselves in perfect alignment to one another to form a Star of David (two triangles laid on top of each other), with six points. Plus, a lunar eclipse. This has never happened before in the recorded lifetime of the earth. It began November 5, peaked November 8 at 8:13 p.m New York time., and ended November 11. But its effects will continue for months and years to come. The joyful climax is currently expected in 2007 (not 2012).

On November 8, nor in 2007, would you see stars exploding or the sun turning orange, nor would your parents be buying you a mansion or people flying in the air. If you didn't take the time to look for the changes, you may not be aware of them. It would be like me telling you there would be less air on the earth as of today; and two weeks later, as you’re climbing the stairs and getting out of breathe, you say, hey, so this is what’s she was talking about? The key word here is Transformation.

On November 8th, Saturday, at 8:13 p.m EST., an auspicious “concordance” (based on the Latin word meaning "heart") marks the next significant shift in the energies surrounding and interpenetrating Earth. It is called the Harmonic Concordance. It is another major milestone in the evolution of humanity. While the alignment would have happened anyway, it is only because of the advancement of our spirituality awareness that we are able to take advantage of the portals that are opening up now, accelerated by this alignment.

The majority of spiritual counselors, prophets, channelers, etc. now say that since the first Harmonic Convergence, in 1987, humanity has opened up to learning more and advancing their spiritual knowledge and being, and that the predicted (world ending) disaster of 2012 is no longer a reality. It use to be said that only “a few good people” would be saved during this holocaust, but now every person on earth can be saved. This second Harmonic event is ten times stronger than the first one.

There are people on earth who have chosen as their mission the enlightenment of not only themselves, but of the world’s population. After this week, these people will have reached a new awakening, and they will set out to assist others in their enlightenment. People who have not sought this spiritual awakening before will be looking for people to give them answers. The key word here is: discernment. Take only what seems right for you; what makes sense to you; listen to your intuition and pure self. There will be no leaders, only teachers with a small “t.” You will find that you are not alone. Millions of people will be opening up to this opportunity, and you will be guided to someone(s) to help you through this instability, uncertainty and seeking (through what some may call “coincidences”.) You’ll become acutely aware of marriages that no longer can be patched together, friends who no longer understand, jobs that are wrong. You may find the opportunity to help friends who had previously ignored the need to change; perhaps who have addiction problems or family chaos.

Children have been born in the past 30 years (called Indigo or Crystal children) who are smarter, more intuitive and more spiritual, and they will find this new energy on earth will give them the courage to use their abilities to help make earth a “place for the people.” People will, over the next few decades, become the masters of their own universe, helping each other, organizing checks-and-balances without overbearing government or religious intervention. This will not happen over night, but if you look around you, it has already begun.

What can you do? First, people need to leave “the things that no longer serve them.” This could be grudges, excess anger, being dragged down by past mistakes. They can look at them as “lessons in life.” Second, people will find that old ways of dealing with life or their ego will no longer work. Alcoholics will no longer find the same solace in drinking. People always looking inside their pocketbooks to find the answer need to look elsewhere. Third, recognize that we (humans, animals, plants, rocks, etc.) are all one, and we are god also. What we do and create , effects everyone.

There are no set rules to follow. The Ten Commandments have done wonders, but these “shall nots” need to be reversed into Principles of Conscious Creating. What shall we do (versus “not”) to bring harmony to earth.

This is an opportunity for both personal and planetary shifts in consciousness. The name that has been given to this energetic window is Harmonic Concordance. Think of it as harmony from the heart, and your positive transformation. Remember, after the rain comes a rainbow.

You may pass on this article to your friends. Businesses, associations, etc. should request permission to reprint. We do not charge for reprinting, but would like to know where it is being published. We retain the copyright. Kathleen Spring. 2003

Into The Light
Into The Light
Holland, Edward
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Mandala of Padmapani
Mandala of Padmapani
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The Harmonic Concordance LINKS

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