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Understanding the Harmonic Concordance

beginning November 5, 2003 (Page 2)

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The Harmonic Concordance. LINKS
Channeled Messages (Excerpts)

"It is not enough if you are busy.
The question is, what are you busy about?"
Henry David Thoreau

You will find here web site links, several fascinating excerpts from channelers. All of this will build on the information you need to take advantage of the Harmonic Concordance New Energies and opportunities.

What is Channelling?

Get a definition of what is Channelling (go to the bottom of this page for a lengthy article and check list on how you can tell if the channelling is done by a credible person and for pure intent.)

Harmonic Concordance.htm
This web site is devoted to a discussion of the astrological metaphors and spiritual meaning implied in the horoscope of a moment: the total lunar eclipse of November 8/9 2003. The astrological chart of that moment has a distinctive pattern, or "signature," which is visible even to the untrained eye. The astrological holograph that the moment projects is fundamentally spiritual in nature, and can be understood terms of Quantum Meta-Physics as well as by 'astro-spiritual' metaphor. It speaks of the descent of God-Consciousness upon this plane and offers a moment in time when humankind can make a concerted effort to rise up to meet it. We have called this moment of attunement The Harmonic Concordance.

Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also is a call to the Spirit of Humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience. Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea are now being scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage places throughout the world. Groups will be joining in and there will be a worldwide "OM" (sound) around the world.

Visit this web site Harmonic Concordance.htm for various collected pieces that detail the effects.

Below are several excerpts from channeled messages I have collected. Most of these Channelers had Readings on November 8, so you can get additional information off their web pages.

Thoth: "You have worked very hard at cleaning out your closets. Now what will you fill your closets with? You have cleared the past so you could be an empty vessel. What will you fill it with? Start dreaming. Think about what it is that's aligned with your Highest Purpose and Highest Good. See yourself in the middle and the center of the Star of David (that is formed by these 6 planets aligning)."

There are a lot of mythologies surrounding Ascension and what it means to each person individually and collectively. Thereís work being done on every level of the Spiritual Hierarchy in accord with Divine Plan. At the same time there is much occurring in the lower levels of density that is in discord. Keep aligned with the higher dimensions. Do not be concerned so much with the discord. To get entangled in the discord is to add to it. It does not serve Divine Plan.

The key to remember is to always find balance in the Heart. For to get too technical in any area always leads to destruction from a lack of discernment, a lack of wisdom, a lack of Love. *Forgiveness is a joy. You see forgiveness as a task. *. People are primed and ready for big things to happen, yet they donít realize they have to make it happen. They have to participate.

To see more of this channel, go to Sharon Shane's web site. It's a bit hard to figure out which channel to click on. I don't have any suggestions, as I found this partial channel elsewhere.

Kirael: It is part of the awakening that will precede the essence of the Great Shift itself. It is how you begin to move yourself forward. The reality is that you are one in light, and that whatever you do to another is being done upon yourself. This will guide you to your truth. You will discover that those who have taught you your religions truly meant well, and will continue to mean well. But you will also see them start to take many of their forces into the realm of SPIRITUAL because they are going to recognize that the journey can only unfold by the will of "We the People." No longer will the masses be led by fear. Each will choose their direction by knowing in their heart. ....You must let the people know that we have the right to a harmonious and happy experience called Life. Take this not lightly, for in this new energy, all will happen at a quickening pace. Ask your heart; it will know.

To read this entire channel and/or to read his Ten Principles of Consciously Creating go to

Archangel Michael: The power and momentum of this rarified energy will build until the solar eclipse on November 23rd, however, the effects of this rarified energy infusion will last for time immeasurable, and it will accelerate the ascension/evolution process for all of your galaxy. In order to begin the process of reunification, you have had to acknowledge and accept your shadow side as well as the fragments of yourselves you have created down through the ages.

*You are moving from carbon-based entities to silica-based entities. Silica is crystal and holds the Light of the rainbow. *When you learn to tap into the universal flow of abundance, life becomes a dance and you enjoy any and everything you do. *Love is a natural state of Being.

Although it may seem very dark on Earth right now, remember that you create your own reality, and you have a choice as to what you choose to manifest. It's always darkest before the dawn, and we are at the dawn of a marvelous new Creation.

To read this complete channel, including 15 concepts of Higher Truth, go to Ronna Herman's web site, StarQuest, and view the November channel.

Mark: (message to spiritual workers) It will create much chaos for very many people because it will upset that which used to wok in the old framework. It will pull up and into itself that which is aligned with Light i.e. that which is trust, that which is unity, that which is seeking harmony and peace and growth.

Those people who have any alignment at all to spiritual growth and awakening, to being true to themselves, honest and honoring will be pulled more strongly toward Enlightenment. Chaos will happen when the forms in their lives won't support continued growth-maybe the wrong job, maybe the wrong friends, maybe the wrong spouse, or the wrong attitudes. Those things will begin to no longer work at all.

So a couple of things will happen. There will be masses of more people racing toward Enlightenment: more awake, more clear, more powerful, because the power of enlightenment is in them. There will be quite a bit more stress and chaos as people rapidly feel the need to make changes that before they had ignored.

So your job will be as leaders: holding stability in the masses, so that the chaos and the change and the need for change doesn't upset people and have them turn from the Light.

A great deal of stability will be needed: one, to help people who are really ready to grow; and two, to help the ones who are not, so they don't go into more discomfort and more conflict. ......The openings are starting.

To read more about channeled messages from Mark, go to Jonette Crowley's web site, Center for Creative Consciousness, 303-689-9318

Tobias (message to spiritual workers): You live in interesting times. We will continue to try to help you to understand what you are going through. (anger, depression, loss, confusion) What you are going through here on Earth right now is very interesting. It ties into your are releasing things that are stored...energies stored in Gaia, in the Earth. You have these tremendous bursts and eruptions in the sun...forest fires..clearing energies, releasing energies that were there. that we can move on.

The Harmonic Concordance: there is so much more behind this than what meets the eye. Before we discuss this we want to point out--it is not the event that changes you; you were the ones that created the event. The event..was going to be there anyway. But, if the consciousness of humanity hadn't been right, you would have missed it. It was a potential that was coming into alignment. (In almost perfect alignment in Colorado's mountains). (Forget the spinning of the Merkabah. It is more simple; it is merging female and male energies.) It's like a huge billboard in the heavens showing you where you are. The Harmonic Convergence was a potential to awaken. But, this one is an incredible signal..."Are you ready?"

The divine plan is: Can you bring together the divine and the human now? You've ignored the divine plan and you've chosen suffering instead through lessons. Can we allow the healing to take place? The divine plan has always simply been about experiencing the joy of life and creativity.

Don't try to figure it out. Don't try to go back into these past lives. (or experiences). You don't have to know the details. It is about taking responsibility and loving yourself once again. You are either victims or creators.

There is no need to blame. Leaders are strictly a reflection of the consciousness of the people. The changes take place when you (and others) take responsibility. (When) You will get out of victimhood. ...the need for government goes away. The need for service (hospitals, etc) will be turned over to private enterprises who are managed by a group of people who volunteer, not elected. Remember, you are not alone.

To read this channel in its entirety (16 typed pages), go to Crimson Circle and click on the "channel series", and view the November channel: "When the Divine Plan Meets the Human Plan." There a monthly lectures helping Divine Humans take the next step. Workshops worldwide.

Council of Nine: We know that for many of you this lifetime has been an arduous journey. We also know that few of you carried the many. This will no longer be the case. All who are destined to follow soul and spirit evolution, will now become aware of themselves very quickly. This will allow all of our current teachers to move into their next level of service. As you all know, humans expect immediate results and gratification. For those of you who have held strong to your path and anchored the light with us, from this time forward, you will find abundance and joy in all you do. For those just beginning your journey or who have let yourself be held back by the fear of survival, you will find a means of working for the Universe to assist your brothers and sisters still lagging behind. All must accept joy now as a way of life if they truly wish to be free of humankind's karma.

The portals opening will be interconnected with one another in a way none upon your planet have experienced before. As one star gate opens it will activate another and another and so on.

To read this channel in its entirety, go to Athene a/k/aThe Council of Nine

The Group: For many this has been a very difficult time. On November 4th we experienced an X28 solar flare which now has the distinction of being the largest ever. In a time when these solar flares should be dying down they are increasing. NASA wonít say it but many scientists are secretly wondering if the Sun is dying. The Group says that the Sun is doing the job we asked of it. They say that this is setting the energy for cosmic event we know as the Harmonic Concordance that will begin on November 8th.

Please go to Steve Rother's web site for more details, including worldwide workshops. Each month's lecture describes the next step for the Divine Angels.

To see the Star of David layout on an Astrological Wheel, go to: or

Age of Aquarias -and- Solstices and Equinoxes, through the eyes of a Shaman

A Shamanic Look At The Turning Of The Ages by Daniel Giamario /
There is much speculation about the so-called "end times." Catastrophes, apocalypses, various end points of cultural calendars, as well as world renewal and oncoming Golden Ages are common themes. In an astrological context this is often referred to as the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Within this century, literally scores of scenarios have developed claiming conclusive dating for the beginning of the Aquarian Age. The question of when the Aquarian Age actually begins is a highly interesting field of inquiry, and worthy of several entire books. However, I prefer to investigate a larger context, which can answer questions and raise issues that renders the timing of the "Aquarian Age" moot. I believe shamanic methodology demonstrates that humanity is exactly at the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year cycle (with 1997-1998 as the center point). "The Shamanic Astrology Handbook," co-authored by Carolyn Brent

When sharing this material over the past ten years, I have found it is the native and traditional peoples of shamanic orientation who most easily resonate with this information.
My sense is that the December solstice has the higher calendric priority (in this case, more than the equinoxes) for marking the end and beginning of an entire Platonic year, because of the primacy the shamanic and traditional cultures give to the December solstice.

The Harmonic Concordance LINKS

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