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"Harmony". LINKS
Doing Something About It

"...the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'" -
Jack Kerouac, 'On The Road'

You will find here web site links to help you bring more "Harmony" on Earth. All of this will build on the information you need to take advantage of the New Energies on Earth and opportunities it affords us.

Create Kindness

If you want a "create more Kindness" workshop in your place of business, please contact Jack Butler or Kathleen Spring. Below is a life-changing quote from a business that had the workshop (303 503 9000 in Colorado):
In 2002, Jack Butler administered a survey of our employees...One important area of needed improvement was employee attitude in and about the workplace. (We ordered a "Kindness" workshop) The presentation was well organized, concise and held the interest of the attending employees. The Workshop was not only lecture but included interaction and participation by the attendees. The basic Workshop principle is not too dissimilar from the “Golden Rule” premise yet utilizes simple techniques to break it down into specific and dynamic areas of function and how they relate to the real world. The Workshop extends the basic principles to lifestyle influences and attendees are encouraged to make a difference not only in the workplace but in all of their personal environments as well.

We found that the majority of the employees embraced the methodology quickly ... Following several weeks of putting the Workshop methods into practice, we found the workplace environment greatly improved. In fact, knowingly or not, even those few hesitant staff have picked up on the environment change and are now practicing the Workshop methodologies. Productivity has increased and we feel this is directly related to the positive environment changes we’ve seen since the Workshop presentation.

Donating to Help World Charities
Your FREE click gives money out of SPONSORS' Pockets

Visit the Kimbery Chapman site to look up your favorite charity. She checks them out to see if they are spending your money properly.

Not only will your (FREE to YOU!) click send money to these charities, but you will find important information and links. For example, the Rainforest Site also has links to Earth Day. You can come once a day and click, and send money out of the Sponsors' pockets. You will get feed back as to how much you have "donated", such as:

"You have saved 12.5 sq. ft. of rainforest with your click today." "Your click provided the value of .6 bowls of food and care to a rescued animal in a shelter or sanctuary." "On Apr.06, visitors who clicked on the "Help a Child" button helped 1,516 children get and stay healthy." "

You can hit five great charities all at one stop by going to any of the following (and the index tabs on the top of each web page will help you cross over to the next web site you desire)

  • The Rainforest
  • The Animal Rescue Site
  • The Hunger Site
  • The Breast Cancer
  • The Child Health Site
  • When you shop, a donation is once again made to your charity of choice. Unique items like: 3rd world CDs, organic tea, Tibetian flags, wind jackets, adopt a howler monkey, Pakistani rock Eggs, native woven baskets, and more

    "Without a direct action expression of it,
    nonviolence, to my mind, is meaningless."
    M.K. Gandhi

    Earth Day

    Drumming Circles in the Colorado Front Range

    This site also gives you tips on how to start your own Drumming Circle. These groups offer drumming circles for meditation purposes, wellness, spiritual connection, relaxation and/or community. Go to:
    "We are the heirs of a legacy of creative protest."
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Advance Children

    Advance children, called Indigo Children, and now Crystal Children have been arriving (birthing) on Earth to help ease our way to a better world. They have been often misdiagnosed and understood. These children often show signs of anger or depression. This is mainly due to their not being able to use their advanced abilities. They often seen as though they have strong ADD or autism. Maybe you have an Indigo Child who is being stifled.? Help both you and them by reading up on this subject!
    Children of the New Earth
    The above web sites have lots of good information. You can also write the owner of this web site, and ask for a (free) list of other links, including magazines, discussion groups, and books that will help define this subject.

    MAYAN Predictions.

    New Information! New Message From Mayan Elders

    "Throughout thousands of years, the traditional Mayan world has preserved the ancestral knowledge. ...Various prophecies of the Maya as well as other traditions point to these times. This transcendental time is where the changes are manifesting. Humanity needs to see these changes with respect to themselves and towards the whole of the sacred mother earth. We are at the doors of change for the structures of the system that we know both economically and socially, which need to be transformed towards something that is more just and balanced. The Mayan prophecies are a mixture of scientific/technological knowledge based on the sacred Tzolkin calendar and the visionary powers of the Chilanes Balanes (shamans/prophets). To date, all of the prophecies they made have been realized with a high degree of precision.

    Don Pascual - Wise elder of the Mam Maya : "It is not our possessions, nor our actions that determine who we are. It is our decisions that make us. And if in this reality, with the divine power of life we have been given which is not defined, the destiny of our life is marked by its transience."

    Year 2012: At this moment, the elders and the shamans of the Mayan world are making fire ceremonies daily, without end, in a manner similar to the Native Americans who are working hard with their own ceremonies. As an immediate action, it is important to meditate at sunset (if this is not possible i.e. work, then as close as possible), placing the focus on harmony, reconnecting with Mother Earth, asking for forgiveness for the damage we have done to her, for our own personal responsibility and for other peoples and institutions that are repeatedly destroying her. Then we can place the intention on sending a message to the negativity to let it know that we are active, that there is an awakening, that there is unity and that we will no longer permit the destruction of mother earth or of humanity and that we are conscious of the importance of this moment and to project to the transition of the date of Dec. 21 2012. For this, it is suggested that you light two candles – one white, that represent peace, harmony, the positive thought - one red that represents the force, the light, the energy of a new dawn and the action.

    December 4 to 7, 2003: Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open up a space. After the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us access to Jun’ab’ku, heart of the heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community, for the consciousness and to synthesize balance.

    Year 2007: This year will be hard and bring us natural disasters, warlike confrontations and disaster in the world economy. Like with all prophecies and visions of the future, there is the ability to minimize things and in some cases even change them. Although this year is of much concern, we must focus on the present which is where we will define the balance. The period of now to the end of 2007 is of much importance to maintain the balance. We will be living in a very dangerous time that this humanity has not lived before. It is within each and every one of us to reach balance and change. 2012, a date that is known to be catastrophic by people outside of the Mayan tradition- which in reality marks the beginning of changes in the way we see and live life, focusing more on harmony, the key word for existence in this reality.

    Ian Lungold - creator of the "Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex" Website: "This is going to look very crazy for a time and many persons will cling all the tighter to fixed meanings of favorite symbols in the chaos."
    To read this entire article, go to Adam Rubel's website for information he shares with us "for the first time" regarding the Mayan Elders Warning. email

    The Harmonic Concordance LINKS

    GO TO PAGE ONE for: Easy to read summary about the Harmonic Concordance's new positive energy on Earth.

    GO TO PAGE TWO for: Several fascinating excerpts from channelers about the new positive energy on Earth.
    All of this will build on the information you need to take advantage of the Harmonic Concordance's
    New Energies and opportunities.

    Title Artwork "Tara (mother Earth)" by Willow


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