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"...the sole purpose is to provide infinite springs,
at which the soul may allay the eternal thirst TO KNOW
which is forever unquenchable within it,
since to quench it, would be
to extinguish the soul's self..."
- Edgar Allan Poe.

Middle School Diaries ( )
Four women educators from across the country post weekly diary entries in which they describe the daily experience of teaching in impoverished, urban settings. A Library of Letters ( ) "Letters of passion, letters of hope, letters of reason." (some audio)
This may require you to use your brain to get into the material (2 photo pages appear first), but worth the effort for the really quality job they do. EG: A new addition to its library of letters: Jasmine Wilson's "The Religion of My Love," a daring, elegantly written missive about confronting long-established fears and making the everyday a source of inspiration and uncanny beauty. I read profound entries about "hope", and there's even one about Hansel and Gretel thinking back about the "lonely old woman."

Their Mission: This is, a library of letters. We are dedicated to bringing art to the web by giving an old craft a new meaning: the writing of literary, beautifully-worded letters enhanced by powerful images, great design and the ubiquity and interaction of the Internet.---We believe that letters are a perfect metaphor for the universe, a world where anything can happen, anything can be told, felt, and expressed in an artistic fashion.

ReportingFrom.Com ( ) Online journals of former college friends who are now adults living all over the world.
When I checked it out, there were messages from Japan, Canada, Finland and two from the US. I read the Finland one, since I was going to visit Helsinki, and found out the winters got 6 hrs. of light, and the temperature was hardly better than her refrigerator, and that she had a mango tree in her backyard! I wrote her a note, about the unique things I've heard recently about Finland, and perhaps we'll meet when I pass thru her city.

Here's an excerpt: "I mean, you are supposed to be satisfied with your life when you are old and ready to die. Not when you are young, not when you are middle-aged. You realize you are just on autopilot, others are driving their speedsters madly off into the unknown and like in a nightmare, you can't find the steering would seem then all too easy to latch on to someone else's car, get a tow,.."

Writing The Journey ( )
They have pulled together some of the online versions of famous journals, or the journals of famous people. You can read them from here. Anne Frank, Sarah Cordelia Wright, Bobby Sands, and yes ... even Elvis Presley. Laurence Fishburne writes: his diary from a trip through Africa as the UNICEF USA Nation Ambassador ( )

The Elvis Diary Person (Not "the King") says:
Why an Elvis Presley Diary?? Well it started when I wanted to find out what Elvis did the day I was born (unfortunately I still don't know, it's sep. 18 1961 if anyone knows it) then I tried to find out what he had been doing on some of my birthdays. Then I thought that other people might be interested in this too, so I started gathering..."

It seems to be more of a diary of events: "1953 07 18 Elvis records "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" at Sun Studios in Memphis. Some claims he did it as a gift for his mother. Others say that he wanted Sam Phillips to hear him." ---Also listed are movies, books, tv, etc. ( )
This site is dedicated to the people who write in and collect diaries, journals, and notebooks. This site is dedicated to Diaries, Journals and Notebooks written in books. This is *not* a site for online diaries.
(1) The Diarist's Journal: a periodical for Diarists and Journal Keepers (2) The Diary and Journal Library of America---Archive and Research Center

You can join them in their research. Their comments: "Dedicated to creating a network of people interested in diaries, journals and notebooks. We're talking books you can hold in your hand! What's your area of interest? Reading Diaries? Keeping a Journal? Collecting manuscripts? Whatever your passion in this realm, we hope you'll join us."

Live Your Creative Vision ( )
This site contains a collection of articles, resources and links about rediscovering and expanding your creativity. Their comments: "The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside...Kay Marie Porterfield, M.A." (The site also advertises her "Indian encyclopedia" and "cave painting" books.)

Possibly of special interest is the large number of web sites (and articles) she links to, including "writing and healing."

Writing/Art for the Disabled at Suite ( )
Karen Wynn hosts this "community" site that contains articles, links and a discussion/chat. Articles cover a number of topics including writing, color exercises and working with the senses. She writes, "Many people with disabilities have special talents that they neglect due to society views. People with disabilities often are angry or depressed. Writing and Art can be positive feelings that express anger and depression. The negative energy can be transformed into a positive energy with writing and art." (source: Kporterfield)

Therapy related journaling ( )
A list of articles and web sites that revolve around different methods of healing, through writing and the arts. Many have to do with helping people with disabilities or chronic pain.

"The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears."
--John Vance Cheney

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Journaling Web Rings
If you wish to join a "journaling" web ring, which consists of people who communicate with each other and share (and save) their journaling, check out this list. While it is a few years old, it is a good place to start. The author details the requirements to join each "ring."

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Related Books by Instructor Kathleen Spring

Documentary/memoir: "Small Towns, a Perspective of the 20th Century" -- full page black-and-white images of structures found in the MidWest/Michigan. Includes short real-life stories of why people love to live in their small town. Read more about it here.

Writing Tips to get you started in turning your memoirs into printable stories.
Short stories from the past three years have been put into an Anthology PLUS Writing Tips: "Birthing of Creative Writing, and Capturing Random Memories, Volume 1", (2003). Only $11.95 plus $2.00 postage. Read more about it here.

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