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July - August 2003
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We're here for you
...because you love to learn
...because you deserve a mini-vacation

Offering small, personalized workshops
in the Rocky Mt. Region -- "for the mind & spirit" :

Fly-fishing; art classes and tours; spa/wellness;
cooking; writing workshops; and finding-your-mission.


In this Issue:
* Rocky Mt. Retreats Wellness Article
* Quote "Friendship"
* BOOK OF MONTH - Wellness
"The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love"
"1001 Symbols"
* BOOK of the MONTH - Health
Fat Land : How Americans Became the Fattest
People in the World
* BOOK OF MONTH - Spiritual
Meaningful Coincidences
"Women's Retreats"
* Quote "crisis we face..."
==World Vision's 30 Hour Famine
==List of Healing Web Sites for people with disabilities.
How about "Meatless Monday"?
* Three short-short stories on "Summer Memories"

Rocky Mt. Retreats Wellness Article

People use to gather around and tell stories, from the cavemen around the fire, to women around the kitchen table, families around the dinner table, and friends in the living room. It wasn't just talk, but included subtle lessons and family history. I loved to hear my mother talk about "the Old World," and envisioned rows of crops, and hearty people eating lunch under a blazing sun, sharing often without words.

A few years ago, my sister took my mother for an all-day "Sunday ride," and when I asked her what they talked about, she replied, "Oh, just that old stuff. I've heard it all before. Pretty boring."

A good story can be like a compass on our life's journey, or an encyclopedia for how to live a full life. It reminds us of what it means to be a human. This connection to others, and to our past, can give us the material needed to help create and heal a world that's gone independent. "Loneliness" is accepted as norm in our times.

Did you ever give it a thought that maybe our goal/mission in life is not something tangible in the future, but maybe today, this minute, our connection with other humans on earth -- and what are we doing with it?

Discover the joy (and power) of being a great companion to someone(s). Eat dinner together with your family. Do outings with loved ones; it doesn't have to be spectacular. Include conversations and quiet times. Seek out people who are suffering and/or alone. Mark "diary dates" on your calendar right now. Do it for this week, and a reminder in a month, two months... Make it your goal to be the person who brings happiness out, from your soul, and let it shine and join others.

PS Many of our links & reviews this month are for "food" mindfulness.

Kathleen Spring, Copyright 2003

Books on this subject:
++ Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal, by Rachel Naomi Remen, Dean Ornish
++ In the Heart of the World: Thoughts, Prayers, and Stories Mother Theresa, by Becky Benenate (Editor)
++ Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.
++ Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson, by Mitch Albom
++ The Social Lives of Dogs: The Grace of Canine Company, by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Jared Taylor Williams (Illustrator)


"We call it ´friend-ship ´
because we are all in the same boat."

...Eva Reinermann "Rainbow"

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BOOK OF MONTH - wellness/oneness
The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love
Thomas Moore - Oct 2002 - $25.00 sales: $20
bestselling author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates

Many of you may be familiar with this author's two previous books, especially you who are looking for a Soul Mate. This book's emphasis is showing how you can look at spirituality and sexuality in a blended way...offering ways you can become more loving in all areas of life. He explains how the word "sex" doesn't just mean "lovemaking" but also "eros," or "sacred cosmic force"...where [the soul] encounters...the infinite....

He uses old classic tales, and modern examples. It is a book you will quote in conversations; more philosophy than self-help. It's a read-outloud book for couples. Very positive philosophy.

"1001 Symbols"

While this is a book, I've listed it under GIFT, because you can use it to decide on what gifts to give yourself and others. All year long, I look for gifts for those close to me; they usually have some meaning... maybe a memory, or a matched taste.

This richly illustrated book has symbols from the earliest time up to today. It covers wealth, rebirth, life, etc. The owl or the cat, simple animals to most people today, have many meanings over the centuries. Giving a cat statute to an Egyptian, or an Asian or a French person could have completely different connotation. And, you could jot a poetic note to give with the gift. The book is organized by theme, and lots of cross-referencing.
$15.99 through One Spirit. 384 pages! "When asked to describe enlightenment, Buddha just held up a flower." ***Next Month we'll be listing "Pet Gifts"


You are probably very familiar with the components of a healthy diet: protein, carbohydrate, some fat, sufficient calcium, not too much salt and so on. Your Personal Nutrition Profile is a Tool which can really help you put healthy eating guidelines into practice. All you do is answer questions about your weight, height and lifestyle and what you get back is a personalized profile which suggests how much of each main dietary component you should aim for each day. The Tool is linked to pages that provide plenty of hints and tips on how to achieve these nutritional goals.

To check out the Personal Nutrition Profile Tool, go to the 'Public' area and select 'Tools' from the Home Page. Then select 'Your Personal Nutrition Profile' from the list of Tools.

BOOK of the MONTH - Health
"Fat Land : How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World" by Greg Critser (Author)

If you're like me, you may be wondering why "America got fat" all of a sudden. This book is an excellent way to find out, and perhaps help someone dear to you. (It is more entertaining than an "ALL answer" -- see "Fast Fast Nation," by Eric Schlosser, and "Fat of the Land," by Fumento for more health facts) It is well researched, using well-known references.

From Publishers Weekly
You reap what you sow. According to Critser, a leading journalist on health and obesity, America about 30 years ago went crazy sowing corn. Determined to satisfy an American public that "wanted what it wanted when it wanted it," agriculture secretary Earl Butz determined to lower American food by ending restrictions on trade and growing. The superabundance of cheap corn that resulted "high fructose corn syrup." This sweetener made food look and taste so great that it soon found its way into everything from bread to soda pop. Researchers ignored the way the stuff seemed to trigger fat storage. ... Critser's book is a good first step in rectifying that. In vivid prose conveying the urgency of the situation, with just the right amount of detail for general readers, Critser tells a story that they won't be able to shake when they pass the soda pop aisle in the supermarket.

BOOK OF MONTH - spiritual
"Meaningful Coincidences - How You can Tap into the Magic of Synchronicity" by Jill Wellington / Co-author of Fireworks, a mystery novel about synchronicity

"I never took the time to figure out why I had this magic in my life. It wasn't until I was forty years old and introduced to my spirit guide during a guided meditation that I realized the enormous behind-the-scenes guidance we all receive. I was open to the concept of spirit guides since I grew up with a psychic mother who studied this stuff. But once I met "Fred", my own guide, my life changed dramatically. I began to journal with him every morning. He set me on a wider course of meaningful coincidences that he called synchronicity. My mother Edna Mae Holm, was experiencing the same phenomenon, and we compared notes daily... We delighted in the many amazing stories of synchronicity and realized they happen to everyone, all the time, but we rarely take the time to notice. " by Jill Wellington

Dane Rudhyar wrote:

"The crisis all human beings face is a crisis of belief".


One of the main things I say in counseling women, is to make time to take care of yourself. We so often make sure everybody around us is taken care of, but deny ourselves that benefit. This book makes it easier to do that.. Ms. Louden points out that a retreat is an attitude, not a specific place, and that it can last from less than an hour to several days.

The Women's Retreat Book $18.00 (disc. $12.60) Jennifer Louden. Summary: Jennifer Louden gives women a do-it-yourself guide for creating solitude. She offers women inspiration and specific advice on how to retreat within their own homes, as well as how to create rejuvenating weekends and vacations. Filled with practical planning ideas, easy-to-do exercises. For women of all ages.


(1.) World Vision's 30 Hour Famine
PO Box 9716 - Federal Way, WA 98063-9716
telephone: 1-800-7-FAMINE (1-800-732-6463)

The 30 Hour Famine partners with groups (youth groups, school clubs, or other organizations) to raise money for hunger relief and sustainability development in specific areas around the world. The program urges participants to raise money, and then participate in a "Famine event", during which the participants go 30 hours without food to get a taste of what hunger is like.

(2.) Healing for People with Disabilities.
*LIST* of web sites that revolve around different methods of healing, through writing and the arts. Includes some aimed for people with disabilities.

How about "Meatless Monday"? ..and more

The Meatless Monday Campaign is a national public health campaign to help Americans prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer--the three leading causes of death in America.

They have a delightful web site, which offers not only recipes, but "This Week's Specials," "Kid's Room," "Games & Contests" and "Beyond Monday". You can also get on their mailing list to have info sent directly to your web site, as a reminder to eat healthy.

The "Specials" page list about a dozen healthy food companies, and on-line specials (& coupons) that you can get; like, Eden Foods (Free of Artificial, Additive, Color,etc), Yankee Grocery, Safeway ($10), Harvest Bay (fruits and veggies), Stoneyfield (Dairy), etc.


"A quick note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your Newsletters. Your choice of topics is Right On! It's the best thing I've found on the internet. Many thanks," Carol McMahon, PhD. (5/09)

"Loved your article about "Living in the Now"! I keep a sign on my bathroom mirror that says "Dance with the Now". Thanks for the reminder." Donna Lee (1/04)

"Dear One: I just have to tell you that I SO enjoy getting your Newsletter. It's so professional, packed with so much GREAT information. You do a splendid job. ...I honor and thank you for all the time you put into it. You are helping a lot of people, and you think of so much to include. I'm very impressed." L Chandler (2/05)

"Thank you for your newsletters which are always chock full of good information and useful resources." Nancy Arthur (7/04)

NOTE: We send it in "text" so that it won't overfill your email box, and so that anyone, no matter how old their computer is, can benefit from the news. The only "ads" are a list of our current workshops, and our "writing" book. Otherwise, it's ad free! (We make no money etc. from our "recommendations.") Please note, this page will not change each month; this is a one-time sample.

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* Rocky Mt. Retreats Wellness Article * "WHY SHOULD I EXERCISE?" ==IMPROVED PHYSICAL HEALTH BOOK== “The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process” Transcend Your Toughest Times ==SPIRITUAL BOOK== “HEALTH, It’s All About Consciousness” ==CHARITY== World Hunger ==JOURNALING== The monk-poet Thomas Merton said, "If you want to identify me... ==EAT HEALTHY== How to Read Confusing Labels ==COURSE== (Downloaded from internet) Decoding Life's Secret Messages ==QUOTE== Seneca said: "The willing, Destiny guides them;... ==PHILOSOPHY BOOKS== "Selective History of the Catholic Phlosophical Tradition" "When Athens Met Jerusalem" ==WEB SITE:== EARTH TIPS = "Pub Ammo" Friends of Earth = ==THREE UNIQUE RETREATs== Artbreak, Prague Silent Retreat, Tuscany Franciscan Retreat, Kennebunk Beach. ==QUOTE== Courage is not the absence of fear, but

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