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A unique vacation experience, offering relaxation

balanced with learning adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

Catering to independent & solo travelers or small groups.

Details on Trip/Workshop Arrangements

Summary of what services to expect

  • Guides and Instructors
    Note, all instructors, spa technicians, and guides have several years of experience in their field, and are warm, personable teachers. We choose from the best fishing guides in Colorado, and picked them because of their teaching/guiding methods; they are warm and have a sense of humor. When required, our sub-contractors are fully licensed by the government, bonded and insured.

  • Accommodations and Food:
    Includes Mountainside B&B. Discounts for those who share a room (single beds). "Retreats" include full breakfast, and "workshops" include all eight of your meals, fresh foods, home-cooked. We cannot cater to strict vegetarians or any one special unique dietary needs. Please discuss this with the Director. (Fly-fishing does not include meals)

  • Who are the trips planned for?
    Individuals and couples who want to get out of the noisy, polluted city environment, leaving their lists of to-do's and stress behind; and relax in the mountains, clear their minds, take in some fresh air, and have fun while learning something new to aid them live a better life.

  • Deposits and Refunds.
    Please see our Reservation Form for details.

  • Health.
    Check with your doctor to see if you may have problems with the higher elevations. Most Colorado trips are between 6,000 and 10,000 feet. The most common cure or prevention technique is to drink lots of water and take it very easy the first couple of days. High altitude can aggravate medical conditions such as heart and lung diseases. For severe cases, the only cure is to go down in elevation. Altitude sickness symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat and insomnia. If you are taking one of our outdoor trips, be sure to tell your guide if you have any major illnesses or if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

  • Allergies, Scents, and More
    Please let us know about your allergies as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate you, or notify you of any problems. List any food allergies or need for meatless dishes. (We cannot provide strict vegetarian meals). For health reasons, we cannot allow any "scents" (perfumes, herbal, etc.), alcohol, smoking or pets. We have a cat and stairs, which take you from one level of the structure to the next. We are not responsible for additional charges incurred (such as an alternative lodging) due to these conditions, if they are not addressed prior to your arrival.

  • Tips and Supplies:
    You will be provided with a detailed list including map; and transportation options. The workshop director does not require a tip, but other technicians or guides appreciate the traditional tip.

  • Transportation: Writing Workshops take place at the Retreat and only require a shuttle bus from the Airport ($85 round trip). And, of course, you can rent a car. If you come for a Wellness Retreat or for a full week to enjoy the mountain scenery and quaint towns nearby, you will need to rent a car at the airport. ==== Click here for Airport Shuttle Schedule You will need to make arrangements with the director of the retreat to meet you at the drop off point for the shuttle (1 minute away). You will also need to check the shuttle times and availability BEFORE you make your plane reservations. It has limited service. You will be arriving at the Denver International Airport (west of the city). It is approximately 60 miles from our Retreat, or 1-1/2 hours, unless you take the toll road, then it is a little over one hour. (a map will be supplied for your convenience)
  • May to September or October.
    Most workshops take place in the summer months only. While other companies offer conferences and retreats in the cheaper, cold off-season months, we offer our sessions during the peak season at off-season prices!

  • Weather.
    Colorado is semi-arid, with low humidity. Some people find the Rocky Mt. weather and sun a good health tonic. There are also several mineral hot water springs in the state. May and June are considered spring. Summer weather is in the 80 degrees F range, occasionally to low 90s, with evenings dropping to 55 to 75 degrees. The mountain elevations are 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the cities and flat lands. If you're watching The Weather Channel, listen for weather in the "Front Range" versus the mountains. The "mountains" are usually referring to the ski areas. May and October are border-months with more brisk temperatures, daytimes ranging from 45 to 75, and sometimes snow.

  • Rocky Mt. National Park: See below for "tips."

  • Colorado weatherWeather. This service has been discontinued and we are looking into another one to put here. Thanks for your patience.

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    special events gifts Retreats and Workshops can be a great gift idea for the graduate — honeymooner — Mom & Dad's Anniversary — Birthdays — and for your Sweetheart's special day. Give them something they'll remember for a lifetime. Sharing an experience is the deepest kind of bonding. Or, treat yourself! Gift Certificates available!

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  • See Short Films on the Rocky Mtns

    The Estes Park Film Festival has put together approximately a dozen very short films on the Estes Park area. A few are advertisements for the film festival, but many show the mountains, trails and animals that inhabit the area. While most are 2 or 3 minutes long, the longest one is 8 minutes in length and has only music, with no words, and it shows the grandeur of the national park area. Either view all of the films on their home page, or go to u-tube and do a search.

    Rocky Mt. National Park


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