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A unique vacation experience, offering relaxation

balanced with learning adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

Catering to independent & solo travelers or small groups.

Therapy for our Hearts

A Wellness Retreat
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Open late May to early October
Friday to Monday, 4 day weekends (closed in winter)
Some Mid-week openings may be available
Location: Estes Park, Colorado
Private Weekends or small groups

ATTENTION: Our Retreat was badly damaged by flood waters and we are currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our Newsletter is suspended. See our Facebook Page for "writing and publishing tips," links, "world writing news," and more. We will post more information here and on Facebook when we have re-opened, or find other ways to offer our popular Workshops. Thank You.


Personal wellness is a necessity for persons desiring to live a healthier and more joyful life. Our basic package pampers you, but you can expand it to learn more about your skin, hair, diet, health/life style, nutrition, spiritual development and more. Why run around for weeks trying to get experts to help you. Get it all done in one weekend. Each activity takes place in a quaint, lovely, relaxing setting; and is performed by a licensed or certified person. Our Holistic Wellness Retreat is located on a mountainside near the Rocky Mt. National Park. This is not a sterile institutional spa atmosphere, but more like a casual, homey B&B. There are plenty of places for you to get away, meditate, hike, walk, relax or read. We are located about 15 to 20 minutes from the Rocky Mt. National Park

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"You must be the change you want to see." -Mahatma Gandhi


Spend quality time at the spa. Most treatments last 60 minutes.

Recommended Treatment:
A therapeutic Massage by a certified massage therapist. This special massage will reduce your stress, increase blood circulation and oxygen to the blood, alleviate headaches, improve digestion, promote better sleeping patterns, and more. It's amazing how much tension is reflected in the face. (Four types of common massages to chose from.) Hot Stone Massage is only $10 more!

Alternative: Illuminating Salt Glow Your choice of essential oils will be added to refined marine salts. The blend is applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin. After your shower, a hydrating lotion is massaged onto your body. Includes either a Exfoliating foot scrub or hand scrub. This is especially good to get rid of the dead layer of skin after a dry winter.

Alternative: Mud Wrap (seaweed wrap) Choose from four different types: Remineralizing Mud Treatment/Detoxifying Mud Treatment/Body Contouring Treatment/or/Total FirmingTreatment. Thalassothy's - a synergy of the benefits of the sea, carefully selected essential oils and specialized techniques. Remineralize and rebalance the skin and the body while calming the spirit and inducing well being. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation therapies combining intense product application for genuine and significant results. Additional $20 fee.

listBeauty or Hair Salon

(These treatments are intended for persons with normal facial skin.)

Recommended Treatment: European Facial with Exfoliation: Helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods. A melody of nature's best: grapefruit, aloe vera or honey extract cleanses the skin. A gentle exfoliation brings an instant radiance to the skin. Thereafter, a customized ampoule, a relaxing facial massage, and mask treatment rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion. (60 minutes)

Men's Detoxifying De-stressing Treatment is also available with special blend of essential oils for the male face; combined with a series of relaxing massages including the scalp, face, neck and shoulders ensure a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. The skin is immediately bright, clean, soft and refreshed.

Alternative: Active Contour Eye Treatment: Ophthalmology-tested, all-natural treatment to soothe and refresh the eyes. This calming, antiaging and revitalizing treatment uses special blends of ginseng, cornflower and chamomile to reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and create an overall feeling of relaxation. (approximately 30 minutes) PLUS a parafin wax dip for the hands to complete the anti-aging treatment.

Alternative: Hair Education: Massage of your scalp, followed by a hair cut and style. When you look in the mirror at your hairstyle, do you sometimes grimmace or smirk? Now is your chance to ask an expert all those questions about your choice of hair cuts, split ends, color variations, grey cover up, adding body, etc. Included free: one bottle of appropriate new hair product (up to $20 value).

"In general, I came into this experience ignorant of the elements of healing touch, meditation and journaling. I found my mind opened and expanded. I feel very relaxed and yet stimulated. I'm ready to begin the rest of my life!"
--Barb Johnson '02


Get a personal nutritional analysis from a clinical herbalist (See "Garmina Fairfax" bio below). Did you know cravings can be a sign of malnourishment? That stress can overwork adrenals and cause the thyroid to slow and the body to gain weight? Learn the latest research in nutrition that pertains to your needs.

Vitamins, Oils, Herbs, and Aromatherapy Ask your questions, like: What is cold pressed? How do I stop chronic colds or sinus problems? What herbs have anti-aging properties? What is a natural way to ease hormonal and menopause changes? NOTE: This includes a personal evaluation process. Tip us off to your key concern early, and she can have handouts ready for you when you arrive.

"The nutritionist was excellent as was everything...She was eager, informative, and extremely knowlegable."
--Sandra Matthews 7/05

listTherapeutic Energy Scanning and Healing

We will help relax you and prepare you to be open and accepting of the treatments and information you receive during the weekend with "gentle healing hands" to increase your chi (Universal) energy flow, which encourages self-healing. This can be entirely done without touching the body. You will learn insightful things about your health and life. You will walk away relaxed, as if you just had a massage.
"Kathleen's sensitivity during the energy scanning created the opportunity for tremendous growth. My Retreat, including the journaling, was individuality tailored to meet my personal goals and needs. It was an eye-opening experience in a beautiful mountain setting."
--Sylvia Jennings 8/04

listMeditation and Journaling.

Each day, you can spend quiet time meditating, sitting or walking outdoors, or with a guided meditation conducted by your Director, and accompanied with soothing music. Follow this with journaling. Guidance will be given on how to benefit from journaling, using it for self-discovery; and suggestions on how to be productive in writing in your journal. This is important for our soul. We don't listen to our intuition enough. We'll talk about ways to set up your home, so that you will have a safe productive space to meditate in.

Or, you may prefer a Holistic Journaling Weekend, with full days of expanded journaling guidance, for self-healing and self-discovery. See our Journaling workshop page for more information.

"Fantastic --very informative experience. I have decided that I must keep up with this journaling at home. We also had a great debrief from Kathleen. It was quite an eye opener! I thought the amount of structure vs. free-time in the Retreat were perfect. Kathleen has such a calming influence on people, with skills, experience and personality to make this time extraordinary."
--Wayne 8/04

estesEstes Park... looking down at the center of town,
surrounded by mountains.

Accommodations/Transportation/Food: Includes lodging in mountainside Bed & Breakfast in a single/twin bed. Chose from a shared room or a private room; comes with a single bed and a bathroom across the hall. For a double/full-size bed, add a nominal fee (see the RSVP form). Note, this is a B&B and not a formal wellness center. Most treatments take place in town. Solo travellers welcome, or bring your best friend(s). Includes a full breakfast freshly prepared at the retreat. Lots of unique, quality and western-style restaurants and cafes available within a 20 minute drive. You will be provided with maps of the area; and suggestions on what to do and where to eat. All beauty sessions and health lectures are included (see below for breakdown). We interview and/or try out all treatments, personnel and facilities so that you are offered the best in town. (Note, we have a cat and stairs. The altitude is 6,800 to 9,000 feet. A small additional charge may be added if you cannot stay at our Retreat, and other accommodations are provided.)

Note: OFFICE Outings and Rewards Program: This stress relieving weekend is beneficial to both the individual participate and for office employees.

"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."
-Albert Einstein

GARIMA FAIRFAX, “Kitchen Botany: Vegetarian Recipes that Reveal the Joy of Plants,” c.2008.

Locals have been buying Wild Sage Botanicals, fresh quality herbal products made by Garima Fairfax, at the Steamboat Mt. Natural Foods store in Lyons for years. What they may not know is that Fairfax has been teaching botany classes at an herb school in Boulder for approximately 11 years. She would teach five classes at a time during the summer months. At the end of the semester, they would go on field trips. She found that the students had a hard time remembering the plant families. She gave each student a family and told them to make a meal from it. A student with the rose family might make a fruit salad with peaches and plums. Fairfax would take on a different family each semester and create her own recipe.

“I was always looking for something new,” said Fairfax. “I tried to make a whole meal out of it. A few were more restricted like the sunflower family. But I could still make a big salad out of that. It has every type of lettuce, and things like artichoke hearts. And I could make tarragon dressing because that's in the sunflower family too.”

With all the recipes that Fairfax accumulated, she decided to produce a cook book. She feels that eating is an effective and fun way to help the brain retain the botany information. Education comes in many forms. For example, the recipes help people vary their diet. Also, a person allergic to a plant can look up what other plants are in the category and avoid them too.

Botanical families include flowers, trees, seaweeds, vegetables, fruits, grains and mushrooms. The book has lists of each item in the family and a verse that can be sung or chanted with the meal to help memorize its identifying characteristics.

Fairfax studied botany in college and continued studying it throughout her life, earning other related certificates. She taught it at four different schools, on a college level. In 1990 she moved to Lyons and found that her herbs thrived in the organic garden. Friends started asking her for fresh herbs and the hand cream she made. Then they started asking for a face moisturizer, and it eventually turned into a business in 1994.

...Fairfax is the Nutrition Consultant for Rocky Mt. Retreats.

Be sure to return to this page for updates.

Our director has obtained a Holistic Health Professional Certificate
and has incorporated many of the processes and modalities she studied into her wellness program.

sample spaThis is an example of one of the spas in Estes Park.
You will be enjoying a variety of locations.

Costs for FOUR DAY Packages:
General description of possible WELLNESS Package

$485 each, two persons sharing room, single beds (or one double bed for a couple).

$555 for one person private room, single bed; (additional flat rate of $40 for a double-size bed, for the weekend.) Includes 4 days B&B lodging, and a "treatment" each day. (In most cases, we can arrange for 4 week days instead).

Payment Schedule: $50 deposit with reservation form, (with the balance due 30 days before your Retreat). If cancellation is received 30 days before trip, you will receive your deposit back less a $50 processing fee. After 30 days, no refunds unless a full replacement is found; less $25 processing fee. You are responsible for the full amount if you do not cancel or attend or shorten your stay.

"Wake up with a smile and go after life...
Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it."
--Joe Knapp

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Self Help Section

Books and Web Sites on Journaling: Click this link for a list of a wide variety of books and web sites promoting journaling for better health and spirituality.

Past Recommended Books. For self-help books we have recommended in the past, click this link. (Self-help, writing, wellness, spiritual guidance, journals, history, Colorado, etc.)

Newsletter: Subscribe to our free quarterly newsletter to get recommendations on numerous books, web sites, and more.

Title: Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Description: Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Title: Silenciomusic
Inspiring creative music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Beautiful musical ambience for vital relaxation, hypnotherapy, massage, yoga and alternative therapies.

Your Personal NUTRITION Profile
Your Personal Nutrition Profile is a Tool which can really help you put healthy eating guidelines into practice. All you do is answer questions about your weight, height and lifestyle and what you get back is a personalized profile which suggests how much of each main dietary component you should aim for each day. The Tool is linked to pages that provide plenty of hints and tips on how to achieve these nutritional goals. //

Vitality Web Site: Try out this web site for TWO minute videos on people's SECOND ACT in life (changing their lives for the better): Vitality

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